What We Do

Loop® by Benbria® Corporation is leading in the area of mobile customer engagement enabling retail, hospitality and restaurant brands to deliver a superior customer experience that goes above and beyond their competitors. Loop® empowers companies to increase loyalty and drive sales growth through the following key value propositions:

  • Learning of positive and negative customer experiences as they happen
  • Empowering employees to act on customer input in real-time
  • Preempting negative online reviews and promoting positive ratings

Benbria delivers Loop® to its customers through a software-as-a-service model (SaaS) on a secure and reliable cloud-based infrastructure.

Our Pedigree

Benbria continues to achieve 200% annual customer growth as the company uniquely solves critical communications and operational problems that impact the customer experience. Our products are installed in hundreds of customer locations on the 5 continents worthy of mention – they know who they are.

Benbria is strategically partnered with global leaders Verizon and Mitel. Together we deliver the most comprehensive mobile customer engagement solutions in the industry.

Sir Terence Matthews is the co-founder and Chairman of Benbria Corporation. Terry has founded and funded over 80 companies since 1972, including Newbridge Networks, a company he founded in 1986 and which became a leader in the worldwide data networking industry and later acquired by Alcatel. In 1994, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, and in the 2001 Queen's Birthday Honours, he was awarded a Knighthood.

Benbria’s unique team harnesses the talent and skills of people from (at last count) 22 countries, who can speak 19 languages, and who have professionally used over 30 programming and scripting languages. All this creativity and brainpower is backed by the experience and wisdom of Benbria’s Leadership Team.

What’s a Benbria?

Benbria is named for Alexander Graham Bell’s estate in Nova Scotia, Beinn Bhreagh, albeit in a more pronounceable form. After inventing the telephone, Bell continued innovations in various fields including sound transmission, medicine, aeronautics, marine engineering and space-frame construction, at Beinn Bhreagh. In the spirit of Bell’s innovation, Benbria’s vision is to deliver creative solutions that build valuable connections between businesses and their clients.