Hospitality Event

How it works

Differentiate Event Services and 
Improve Satisfaction

It’s no secret that hotel staff are the lifeline to meeting planners, but they can’t be everywhere all of the time and provide high-level service required for events on property. Given the pressure and timely nature of events, meeting planners need instant responses. Loop acts as a lifeline between the meeting planner and hotel staff to ensure all logistics – planned or unplanned -- are executed and tracked efficiently and accurately for all involved.

Loop provides an open and direct dialog channel between the meeting planner customer and hotel staff helping them to communicate, track and fulfill requests than the status quo of emails, texts, two-way radios and phone calls. Loop is web-based so there’s no onsite software installation required, fairly simple setup and no IT resources required onsite.  Once the planner makes a request from their mobile device, such as ordering food, beverage, audiovisuals or meeting supplies, it is routed instantly to appropriate hotel staff for action, response and closure. From a click-and-order interface, hotels can track and charge for products and services that could have otherwise been overlooked, and lost in the rush, or not fulfilled in a timely manner.


Meeting planners engage hotel staff using their channel of choice regarding F&B, A/V and meeting room requests. They can also express concerns, suggestions and compliments via their mobile device. Loop creates a one-to-one personalized dialog channel.


Hotel sends personalised offers and dynamic mobile marketing campaigns to meeting planners attendee base to drive more value and boost revenues.


Staff and meeting planner communications are received and tracked in a central cross-media inbox and routed in real-time to appropriate staff (manager, staff, catering, facilities) for escalation, action and closure.


Loop Analytics provide hour-by-hour granularity of your operations helping you to improve staff performance, measure threats to satisfaction, time-to-close, and positive and negative comments on the guest experience.

Why Use Loop?

Increase Event Revenue and 
Improve Staff Productivity

Loop is a tool for operational change that measures the way your hotel event operations are run at all levels right down to the staff level. Loop Analytics provide hour-by-hour granularity of operational strength & weakness helping you to improve staff performance, measure threats to satisfaction, time-to-close, and positive and negative comments on the meeting planner experience.

Hotel Benefits

  • Improve Productivity – streamline order fulfillment in a timely manner; staff can multi-task; fewer dropped balls; faster turnaround on requests
  • Differentiate event services – improve event renewals by enhancing the meeting planner experience
  • Increase revenue – upsell more extras from a click-and-order interface; easily track orders that could get lost in the rush

Meeting Planner Benefits

  • Simplify Event Planning – multi-task with an easy-to-use, web-based app; easier to reach hotel staff; less stress
  • Peace of Mind – track all open and closed orders from one mobile device; no need to track phone calls, texts & emails
  • Real-Time Reporting – view real-time metrics on open/closed orders, time-to-respond, time-to-close, etc.



Communication features

  • Chat, internal chat
  • Append photos
  • Context sensitive auto response
  • Message auto-routing by physical location and subject
  • Tag-to-route, tag-to-sort, advanced edit
  • Auto-escalations to: persons, departments, off-site service desk
  • Staff create on-behalf-of customer
  • Ratings, feedback, share on social media
  • Customer message inbox - track progress
  • Staff inbox – list & detail views, message history, on-line indicator
  • Automated message scheduler


  • Staff mobile reporting dashboard & graphical reports
  • Hierarchical regional & corporate reports
  • Advanced natural language reports - what customers are saying
  • Auto-emailed reports
  • Mounted scoreboard display – motivate staff or customers with real-time customer insights

System integration framework (API)

  • Create loop from brand’s app or website
  • Perform actions on loops, real time or scheduled
  • Bulk import to create loops and send invitations
  • Synchronize customer/staff users and their data
  • Administer account and location configuration
  • Import/export brand transaction data, loop data
  • Integrate with other systems: HotSOS, Delphi, Infor, RTC mobile app, etc.
  • For more information on Loop’s web services API, see our Loop REST API Specification

Enterprise scale

  • Comprehensive location/region/brand administrator’s interface
  • Best of class, secure cloud hosting services
  • Secure user connections via HTTPS; back-end via SSH with RSA
  • Access control and authorization by role and subscription
  • Extensible architecture with high availability option