Human Resources

How it works

“90% of business leaders believe that an employee engagement strategy positively impacts their business” Source: Accor Services

Companies that actively engage workers profit more than those that don’t. If you look at Fortune’s “Best 100 Companies to Work For,” these organizations have averaged an amazing 200% return over the past decade. Organizations with higher than average levels of employee engagement realized 50% higher sales, 50% higher customer loyalty levels, and 38% above-average productivity.

It’s clear – motivating your employees is vital to any business. A motivated workforce means less churn and more productive staff, all of which will help you achieve your business goals. Studies continue to show that happy employees provide a better customer experience, resulting in satisfied and loyal customers, and in turn, profitability. Loop® Team Engagement empowers organizations to improve employee motivation, retention and productivity by providing a real-time personal connection between the employees and designated management team members.

How it Works

Using a mobile device, employees simply scan the QR code to access the Loop web app. In a matter of seconds, employees can directly or anonymously create a loop, which allows them to submit a compliment, comment, or suggestion related to business operations, as well as valuable input retrieved from their interactions with customers. The appropriate management team members are notified by text or email where they can take action and close the loop with the employee.

As employees are a great source of ideas, real-time reporting on open and closed loops helps management keep track of employee comments, suggestions and operational improvements that can positively affect customer experience.


Boost Employee Motivation – Employees empowered to provide valuable input to management feel their views matter.

Foster Creativity and Productivity – Loop offers an effective communications channel to facilitate new and innovative ideas.

Improve Customer Experience – Welcome and implement employee ideas on improving the customer experience.



Omnichannel Communications

Loop ensures you deliver consistent, fast and relevant communications across your customers’ preferred channels, devices and operating systems, making it easy for your customers to connect with you via text. Loop brings all these communications together in a consolidated message inbox for each brand user.

  • Web application

    Customers and staff connect to dedicated websites to launch Loop’s purpose-built mobile web apps. Nothing to download. Users get a rich user experience, which stores the user’s session even if you close your browser and come back later.

  • Texting

    Customers and staff communicate using the native texting app on their mobile device. The Loop platform intelligently routes SMS or MMS to the correct destination within the brand. Texting provides another connection option, and can make Loop even more accessible to users. Texting can be used in a chat scenario between users who are subscribed and permitted to see the conversation. Texting can also be used in a notification scenario, for example Loop texts the customer to inform that a response is ready, and provides a link to Loop’s web application, where the conversation is tracked.

  • Email

    Customers and staff communicate using the native email app on their mobile or desktop device. The Loop platform recognizes a reply email by its unique Loop identifier, and routes the message to the correct destination. Email provides another connection option, and can make Loop even more accessible to users. Email can be used in a chat scenario between users who are subscribed and permitted to see the conversation. Email can also be used in a notification scenario, for example Loop emails the customer to inform that a response is ready, and provides a link to Loop’s web application, where the conversation is tracked.

  • Kiosk

    Customers are attracted to the in-store mounted kiosk by Loop’s video or digital signage displays. Customers can complete a quick three question (thumbs up/down) survey and optionally enter a comment to engage. Customers can optionally take the conversation with them by entering their choice of contact method. The kiosk passes the store ID and customer’s input to Loop’s mediation platform, where it is logged and routed like any other customer engagement method. In addition, the survey results are analyzed and reported in aggregate for the time of day/week, store region, etc.

  • Native App

    Optionally, Loop’s customer and staff engagement interfaces can be integrated with a brand’s customer and/or staff native mobile applications. This allows Loop to be a fully integrated part of the brand’s operations and tools, while at the same time leveraging other mobile device communication channels.

Reach out to customers

A big part of Loop’s value is its ability to make that initial connection with customers. This can be achieved a number of visible and automated ways.

  • Loop signage and collateral

    Simple signage posted in prominent locations on-premises is an effective way of attracting customers. Simple messaging and instructions may include a URL, QR code, NFC chip, SMS texting number, or email. Other collateral options include: tent stands, posters, flyers, business cards, etc.

    Collateral enables customers to initiate the engagement with the brand’s staff members. Loop can recognize customers, either by recognizing email or SMS contact existing from a previous engagement, or by looking up a user in a brand’s customer database (e.g. via integration with a CRM system).

  • Brand initiated clienteling

    The brand’s assigned staff member(s) can engage customers with a personal message, for example informing a customer of a new line of clothing that has just arrived. This can be achieved by searching on an active or previous Loop engagement with the customer, manually entering the customer’s contact information, or automatically obtaining a customer’s contact info via system integration with a brand’s CRM system.

  • Automated reservation notifications

    Send a prepared invitation message to a customer who has just made a reservation, e.g. with a hotel, and event, or car rental. Invite the customer to connect should they need any assistance during their journey. Send helpful guidance or offers, and invite the customer to respond directly with staff. This initial engagement can be automated by import of a spreadsheet (.csv file), via integration with Loop’s web services API, using an existing supported Loop integration, or through a custom integration initiative. Messages to customers can occur asynchronously or as a bulk-batch broadcast operation.

  • Automated pickup notifications

    Send a message to both the customer and local store staff when a Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) or Ship-to-Store (BOSS) order has been placed. Invite the customer to schedule a pickup (so staff can prepare the item), or inform staff that they could connect personally (to schedule or upsell). Enable staff to provide a personalized experience for the customer. This engagement scenario can be automated by integrating the brand’s eCommerce system with Loop, either via Loop’s web services API or through a custom integration initiative.

  • Scheduled messages

    Loop can be configured to send automated timed messages in an existing engagement with a customer, for example remind customers 60 minutes before car rental pickup that they can reply by text if they need anything. This is achieved using Loop’s scheduling engine and notification message templates, and can be automated via integration with a brand’s reservation system (either .csv import or via the Loop web services API).

Communication features

  • Chat, internal chat
  • Append photos
  • Context sensitive auto response
  • Message auto-routing by physical location and subject
  • Tag-to-route, tag-to-sort, advanced edit
  • Auto-escalations to: persons, departments, off-site service desk
  • Staff create on-behalf-of customer
  • Ratings, feedback, share on social media
  • Customer message inbox - track progress
  • Staff inbox – list & detail views, message history, on-line indicator
  • Automated message scheduler


  • Staff mobile reporting dashboard & graphical reports
  • Hierarchical regional & corporate reports
  • Advanced natural language reports - what customers are saying
  • Auto-emailed reports
  • Mounted scoreboard display – motivate staff or customers with real-time customer insights

System integration framework (API)

  • Create loop from brand’s app or website
  • Perform actions on loops, real time or scheduled
  • Bulk import to create loops and send invitations
  • Synchronize customer/staff users and their data
  • Administer account and location configuration
  • Import/export brand transaction data, loop data
  • Integrate with other systems: HotSOS, Delphi, Infor, RTC mobile app, etc.
  • For more information on Loop’s web services API, see our Loop REST API Specification

Enterprise scale

  • Comprehensive location/region/brand administrator’s interface
  • Best of class, secure cloud hosting services
  • Secure user connections via HTTPS; back-end via SSH with RSA
  • Access control and authorization by role and subscription
  • Extensible architecture with high availability option