Extend the reach, speed and reliability of your
existing emergency mass notification system with
BlazePoint® Two-way IP Speakers

BlazePoint is a cost-effective paging solution that allows organizations to leverage their existing notification systems to improve the speed, reach and efficiency of daily and crisis-oriented communication.

BlazeCast Solution Diagram

BlazePoint serves as a reliable communication channel when conventional methods of email, texting, mobile phones and landline phones fail due to throughput, technical or ‘contactability’ issues. Emails may often be blocked by spam filters; wired and wireless networks may be jammed with high volumes during a crisis; web pages and other relevant web sites may also become un-viewable during high traffic volume.

Enhance Daily and Crisis Notification

BlazePoint allows organizations to enhance their daily and crisis notification by instantaneously broadcasting important information. In addition, BlazePoint enables two-way communication through the speaker, making it reliable and easy for people to communicate one on one or to a targeted group.

Leverage Existing Notification Investment

Organizations can leverage their existing notification system to page to BlazePoint or use the powerful paging and broadcast capabilities within the BlazeCast® Intelligent Notification and paging system. Use cases include:

  • Education – crisis announcements, general notifications, public announcements, classroom paging, pre-record messages in multiple languages, daily bells, locate student or groups
  • Enterprise – Locate employees, call completion, crisis announcements, public announcements, event announcement, milestone message
  • Retail and Food Services – Price checks, assistance required, clean-up, security alert, pre-recorded announcements (“Store is closing”, “Special of the day”), code (chime) calling, alarm signaling
  • Industry – Employee locate, call completion, crisis announcements, shift change tones


BlazePoint Benefits

  • Leverage existing investments
    Leverage existing mass notification system to page to BlazePoint IP Speakers
  • Targeted Paging
    Select specific speakers in a web-based map view to broadcast customized messages to targeted paging areas (building, common area, floor, room, etc.)
  • Ensure Communications
    Automated and remote speaker testing ensures speakers are operational at all times
  • Lower Costs
    Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability avoids costly electrician and wiring costs
  • Talk-back capable
    Staff can “call” speaker and enable two-way conversations remotely
  • Remote Management
    Remotely manage volume levels, configurations and audio tests
  • Ease of Use
    Using Power-over-Ethernet capability, BlazePoint only requires a CAT-5 cable connection which makes it effortless to install, configure and maintain
  • Pay as you Grow
    Add more speakers any time. Paging system grows with you